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Judicial Council court forms are used to file information with the California courts.  Forms are "adopted" for mandatory use and "approved" for optional use.   The lower left corner of the first page of each form indicates whether the form was adopted (mandatory) or approved (optional) by the Judicial Council.  (Note: Local court rules may require the use of some of the optional forms - check the local court rules.)

 A "duplicate" of a council form produced entirely by computer may be filed (Rules of Court, rule 982(e)).  By filing the form, you effectively certify that it is a true copy of the original form (rule 982(f)).  Don't change the printed portions of the forms.

Tips for using Judicial Council forms.

  • In the lower right hand corner you will see one or more code sections listed.  These reference the legislative basis for the information called for in the form.  You can check the codes at your local law library or over the internet. [http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/calaw.html]
  • Use simple, conversational language, as if you are explaining to a friend.  Try to be concise.  If your judge of the day has several hundred cases on calendar, he or she cannot spend half an hour reading your paperwork.
  • If there is not enough space on the form, it is best to use the additional page form (MC-020) or the attachment form (MC-025).  You can attach a blank sheet of paper, pleading paper, computer print-out sheets, photographs, etc., if you write See Attachment  ? where ? is the paragraph number of the line you are answering, entitle the additional page "Attachment ?" and write your information on this additional page.  Staple these attachment pages, in order, to the form to which they belong.
  • Whether you type or print, make sure it is legible.  It helps to have someone proofread the document or wait a day and proofread it yourself.
  • The forms can be confusing. When I don't understand what information is being requested, I reread the form and the referenced code sections slowly and several times if necessary. ~ cheryl@jurisdocuments.com

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